This is the reason you often forget to put a key according to research

Lots of people experience cases of losing their house keys or even car keys that they have to use Locksmith . The key is indeed one of the items that are often lost when you need them. Especially the car key that you have to use every day, but it’s still gone. If your car key is lost, then there is a service from the Car Keys Dublin that will help you replace the car key.

Actually, there are reasons why you often lose keys such as house keys and car keys. This will be very annoying, especially when you are in a hurry and too late to leave for office. You keep looking at the bookshelf, in a bag, kitchen, and it turns out that the key is under the newspaper on the living room table.

Forgetting to put things sometimes is very annoying, especially for forgetful people. Most people often lose 9 types of objects every day and one-third of respondents in the poll said they spent 15 minutes searching for objects they removed, such as cell phones, keys, and paper which were the items most often removed. The online poll was attended by 3,000 people and was published in 2012 by a British insurance company.

Forgetfulness is not one of the symptoms of a serious illness such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. This decrease in power will worsen with age, and this is normal.
According to researchers, genetic factors play a big role in this. Stress, fatigue and a lot of work can increase the likelihood of making mistakes. Forgetfulness can also be a sign of serious diseases such as depression and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD).

Actually, forgetting the items that have just been put is normal and not a symptom of a particular disease, but you also need to do various ways so that all the items that you have and should use immediately are not lost so you can carry out your various activities as usual.

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