An effective way to keep pool water clear

Enjoying the atmosphere of the morning at the edge of the pool is a pleasant routine. As if we were spoiled by the gurgling pool water. The water condition of the swimming pool that looks clean and clear as if it can turn fatigue into comfort before starting the activity. Visit inground pools lexington sc to get the best pool service.

Having a swimming pool is an additional complement to an identity for the owner. In addition to increasing the selling value of a house, having a swimming pool will provide added value in our eyes, brothers and maybe even your colleagues and relations. The cost of making and maintaining a swimming pool that is expensive, conditions that not everyone can have a private pool.

Having a swimming pool is indeed very useful. Especially if your home often holds events such as parties, family gatherings. The swimming pool will feel the benefits as an enhancer of beauty. Some even make pre-wedding photos with a swimming pool background.

The many benefits obtained from swimming pools, so that the cleanliness of the swimming pool becomes an important requirement for the owner. Of course, you don’t want to, family events are disrupted because your pool looks dirty, dirty and less clear.

Speaking of swimming pools, it will not be separated from the care. This time I will review about how to make pool water to remain clear and clean.

Following are the maintenance steps to keep pool water clear and clean:

PH and cL level tests. This method is the first step that must be done. By testing the levels of CL and pH you will know what chemical should be added.

Vacuum Swimming Pool. vacuum swimming pools should be done regularly so that the deposited dirt can be lifted.

Pool Filter Backwash. Filter backwash needs to be done after the vacuum pool process is complete. It is intended so that the impurities in the filter tube are wasted and dirt does not return through the fitting inlet. The backwash filter also functions to maximize filter performance.

Lift Dust Using Leaf Skimmer. Filtering the dust floating on the surface of the pool is also important because the excessive accumulation of dust will disturb your view. other than that the accumulation of dust has the potential to descend to the bottom of the pool and trigger the growth of algae, the pool becomes greenish, mossy.