The Importance of Knowing What Wireless Access Point Is

Do you need wifi site survey Toronto? The main function of the wireless access point is to develop your local wired network wirelessly. Based on its use there are two types of wireless access points, namely for Indoor and Outdoor use. How do you choose a good wireless access point and when to use it?

Basically, an Access Point is the device of a network, which contains a transceiver and antenna for transmitting and receiving signals to and from remote clients. With access points (AP) wireless clients can quickly and easily connect to wired LAN networks wirelessly.

In general, wireless access points are designed for needs in buildings as in homes or in offices where the environment is not rude. However, wireless access points that are operated in rough or outdoor environments must have a special design. For outdoor needs a wireless access point must be packaged in a house that is sturdy and made of sturdy industry standard components so that the AP device can operate under a range of extreme temperatures such as ~ 30 ~ 70 degrees Celsius and also equipped with a lightning rod. weatherproof, leakproof, and also resistant to corrosion and corrosion.

Basically, for home needs, you need a wireless access point if you want to create a wireless network to share broadband internet connections, for example from Speedy to several computers in the house. You can connect your wireless access point to the router modem from your internet service provider to create a wireless network. Somehow, you must remember and ensure that your modem is designed with the NAT firewall feature. If you then realize that your broadband modem is purely a modem is not featured with a firewall feature (NAT), all you need is a wireless router. If not, then you can only get one computer connection that can access the internet at one time.