Mistakes people made when watching movies at the cinema

Watching movies at the cinema can be a lot more exciting and thrilling compared to do the same thing at home. It’s because the theatrical atmosphere, the better sound, and also the company of friends if you wish to bring them along can make watching a movie more like a solid experience, instead of a simple form of entertainment. However, there are some mistakes that people tend to make when they Visit the cinema, and we’re going to share with you about them.

Being a fortune teller

As you can expect, some people may love to watch some movies more than once due to various reasons. However, when they decide to leak spoilers right during the movie duration, then perhaps such a person must be scolded politely, or simply must be reported to the staff of the cinema. Such behavior is definitely disturbing the other’s mood when watching the movie, due to the plot will be predicted too easily due to that person. Don’t be this kind of guy/girl!

Feet on someone else’s chair

This is more than rude, and it can be considered as an insult as well! Warn such an audience politely or call the cinema security guard right away! You deserve to be respected just like the way you respect other audiences of the cinema, so when someone puts their feet on your chair, besides your head, then tell him/her to put the leg down, or you can simply ask the security guard if that person doesn’t want to listen to you nicely.