Several Most Popular House Paint Colors of the Last Year You May Want to Try

In this article, we will provide information regarding the trend of the latest 2018 house paint colors that you can choose to change your occupancy to be more contemporary and far from boring. What are they? On the other hand, hire the exterior painting woodstock if you want to paint your house with the help of professionals.

Latest House Paint Colors, Marigold

Want to bring the feel of retro design to your home? You can consider the latest trends in marigold colored house paint. Yellow base with dark shades and given a little touch of pastel style marigold flowers, you can combine house paint with retro-style furniture in the 70s.

Heartwood color

Heartwood is the latest home paint with a soft pink base. This one house paint is very fitting combined with other colors such as blue or green to provide a calming effect while giving a modern impression.

Sage color

This one color is also very popular in 2018. Sage color is a blend of green and gray base colors that resemble the color of dried leaves. The advantage, sage colors can be combined with soft colors such as monochrome or pastel, giving a calming impression but not boring.

Caliente color

The latest variation in house paint this year is Caliente. Caliente is expressed in red which is very brave and represents strong energy so that it makes the interior more lively. Although the color is basically red, the Caliente still gives a warm impression to the interior of the house because the nuances are a little dim and not excessive.

Oceanside color

Another newest house color inspiration which you may try is Oceanside. A mixture of blue and green, the darker shades of this color provide an elegant feel to your occupancy. In addition, Oceanside is also different from other shades of blue on the color of house paint because it gives a more real impression like the atmosphere of the ocean.