Facts About the Golf Caddy You Need to Know

For golf fans, certainly not familiar with the term caddy. Golf Caddy can also be considered as an assistant to golfers. Caddy is women or men who help golf players in the field. They used to help prepare tools, get the ball to measure the field. Caddy’s job requires them to interact with various golfer characters in the field. So it is not uncommon to circulate oblique news or negative myths around the caddy profession. In fact, these myths are far different from the facts in the field. For more details, see the review of the following facts about caddy. Meanwhile, if you visit Thailand soon, then perhaps the pattaya golf course can be a good place for you to play golf.

The majority are attractive

The majority of caddies or golf girls in south-east Asia have attractive appearances even though they don’t always have to be dressed sexy. This is understandable considering to be a caddy must meet certain requirements ranging from height to attractive appearance. So that it can be seen that most caddies have a beauty like a model.

However, to be a caddy, being beautiful isn’t enough. As a golfer guide in the field, the caddy is required to be able to provide moral support to the players he accompanies. In golf, the mood of a golfer can change. When the mood of a player is down, it’s time for the role of a caddy to be needed. Caddy must understand the player’s feelings and be able to motivate him to continue the game. The caddy’s attitude that is friendly, careful and passionate certainly makes the golfers excited to finish the game.

Required to be smart

In addition to an attractive appearance, it turns out that a golf caddy is also required to have intelligence. They must be smart and educated at least graduating from high school or vocational school, not even a few golf caddies with undergraduate education. If the educational requirements have been fulfilled, these caddy candidates still have to take special training for several months. This training aims to make caddy know the ins and outs of the golf course, have the accuracy to analyze the distance between holes, master golf rules, analyze the weather and wind direction and can help golfer choose the appropriate golf stick.