These Two Interesting Attractions in Lombok Are Many Visited by Tourists

In the present, social media is indeed a means to share many of the best moments in life and as a place to express oneself. not infrequently, there are many people who deliberately look for interesting places to share on their social media. one of the interesting places in Indonesia is Lombok. A large number of tourists there makes it the right location for property business. In fact, there is now Lombok land for sale that can be chosen as an attractive property investment in Lombok.

In Lombok itself, there are some very interesting places and of course very beautiful to be used as photo objects so that they can be shared on social media. Some of the places in question are

– Merese Hill
From East Lombok, we turn to Central Lombok. Located around the coast of Tanjung Aan, Bukit Merese has a different beauty, because the panorama of the sea is the treat. From the top of the hill, it will be seen how clear the sea water is and the beautiful coral reefs that stretch along the coast. With a calm beach flow, it is very indulgent for the eyes to always be fascinated by the beauty of the panorama.
The hill that is often referred to by tourists as the hill of love is really in accordance with the name. How come? Because on this hill we can feel the beauty of the natural panorama which is really very beautiful. It’s truly amazing and can represent the feelings of the lovers who are in love.

– Pink Beach
Romanticism is highly represented by the presence of this beach on the island of Lombok. Pink Beach is named. This pink sand beach located in East Lombok has a distinctly different color of sand from the beach sand in general which is white. In addition to the very beautiful pink sand, the waves are quite calm so tourists can play water without feeling worried for there.