If You Have Branched Hair, Maybe You Did These Habits

Some people are even willing to spend a lot of money to get super good hair care. Hair models that are increasingly diverse make prone hair damaged and fall out. That is why women are very diligent in taking care of their hair. Reference to various hair care and hairstyles is widely spread on the internet, one of which is on the Black Health and Wealth website. Diverse models and hair colors if cared for properly will still provide shiny and healthy hair. Because, if there are errors or less appropriate habits in hair care, it will result in split ends.

There are many causes of split ends. If you don’t know the cause, it will be quite difficult to overcome it. Following this is a habit that can cause split ends:

– Too often use a hairdryer
The hot temperature of a variety of hair styling tools can eliminate the natural water content in the hair. The more often you use these tools, the natural nutrition of hair constituents will disappear little by little. Finally, the hair becomes dry and branched. This condition can get worse if you do the wrong technique when using a hairdresser. For example by using it repeatedly in the same place. Hair will indeed look prettier, but over time it can damage the health of the hair.

– Hair is too long
Long hair does look more beautiful. However, if you do not routinely cut off the edges every 3 months, the ends of your hair will dry out because hair care products do not reach the end. Even long hair makes the roots become heavier and burdened, easily tangled, and fall out, because the hair’s root strength is reduced. Therefore, it would be better if you cut it a little.

– Does not cut damaged hair
Ideally, the ends of the hair should at least be cut regularly every six weeks. Or if it is not possible, you should immediately cut the ends of the hair when it starts to look branched and damaged.